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    October 29, 2012
    5:00 - 6:00am PDT  

cause catastrophic destruction, hurricane sandy picking up steam, moving toward the biggest cities on the east coast. >> a ripple effect for travelers in the bay area. we'll tell you about how many flights are cancelled leaving sfo into the east coast this morning. good morning to you, welcome to a brand new day, monday october 29th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. steve called it a bomb of a weather system. >> this will be historic. >> okay. >> i mean, it is amazing how big this system is back there. it could get stronger, it is getting stronger. this will have a big impact maybe all the way to the election. what happens if people don't have power? this may be felt well into next week and beyond. >> we have a very, very thick fog pattern, a dense fog advisory is out. we'll have more on the giants' victory
parade and halloween. >> traffic is now very feeling and this is the east shore picture we normally can see. you can see a couple cars through here because of the fog. this morning we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light. it's 5:00 let's go back to the desk. happy to say for the second time in three years, the san francisco giants are world champions. they swept the tigers a four to three victory in extra innings. >> got him looking and the giants have won it all! >> triple crown winner miguel cabrera, in the top of the tenth, marco was bringing in the go ahead run. it was a team effort. >> we went out there to enjoy every minute of it and it was hard earned and just incredible, incredible group of guys that fought for each other. >> this is the giants' second world championship in three years. they are the first
national league team to accomplish that feat since the cincinnati reds in the mid 1970s. bad fans were in the streets of san francisco celebrating the giants, but in some parts of the city, the celebration turned ugly. our reporter is live at 16th and mission where vandals caused damage and destruction. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. up until just about an hour ago, there was a huge mess out here in the middle of mission street from 16th all the way up to 24th. right in the middle of the street you can see a pile of garbage that was in one of the dumpsters that caught fire still left out here in the middle of the street. you can see the pavement has been watered down though, and the street is reopened to traffic. this is what caused the mess this morning, rowdy crowds celebrating the giants' victory set fire to at least a half dozen dumpsters. our battalion chief said one of the dumpsters threatened a business next to it, but firefighters were able to put it out. there have been
no reports of serious damage to any of the businesses and shops in the miss district. the chief says there were dumpster fires on every block between 16th and mission all the way to 24th. >> a lot of fires by the demonstrators, lighting trash cans, public cans and private cans, pushing dumpsters in the street, lighting trash on fire, construction debris, whatever they could find. >> dozens of police lined the intersection at 16th and mission overnight and set up a command post of sorts there. just after 1:00 this morning, is when police told the fans they were participating in an unlawful assembly around they were told to disburse. we saw officers make several arrests this morning. some workers at nearby shops barricaded themselves inside in fear. >> they pulled all the garbage cans and set them on fire, it was bad, it was scary. we just closed and tried to stay here. we don't want to go home
because i don't know if they wanted -- >> reporter: you wanted to wait it out? >> yes. >> reporter: now, department of public works crews spent the overnight hours cleaning up the mess. extinguishing the dumpster fires that kept flaring back up. if you take it back out here live, you can see some of the dpw trucks in the businesses at the end of the street with flashing lights. the street sweepers have been through here many times. as you can see there is a little debris out here in the middle of the street. dpw is working to get everything cleaned up, but they have made a lot of progress since early this morning. >> thank you. ktvu viewerrers sent us this video you're looking at. a bus set on fire at third and market streets overnight. we don't know if anyone was hurt. there was a noisy, but peaceful celebration in san francisco's inner sunset district. >> a viewer sent us this cell
phone video from ninth and irving, fans pouring into the streets, but the celebration did not get out of hand in that part of the city. (cheers). there was also plenty of love for the giants in the south bay. this is san jose bar packed with fans, wearing black and orange, orange and black of course. fans we talked to said they are eager for the giants to return home. many plan to head to san francisco for wednesday's victory parade. now we have complete coverage of the world series on our website, if you can't get enough go to and click on the world series tab. 5:05 and happening now, hurricane sandy barreling toward the east coast. look at these live pictures, it is shutting down schools, mass transit and the financial markets. these are live pictures, this is ventner city, new jersey. the beach and water is getting heavier in the area. there have
been reports of flooding up and down the east coast. we're told as many as 50 million people could be affected by this huge storm. it may become the largest in american history. >> meantime, thousands of flights are already cancelled this morning because of hurricane sandy, including dozens of flights right here in the bay area. t san francisco international airport with the latest on how many flights are cancelled this morning. alex? >> reporter: well, the effects of hurricane sandy could be felt across the country this morning, flights from sfo to the east coast are cancelled. there are lot of cancellations, you can see what it says it's all due to weather. the update i got from the airport operations center this morning is all flights have been cancelled from sfo to six east coast cities, boston, philadelphia, new york's jfk, newark, washington, d.c. and baltimore. the person i spoke with this morning didn't have
an exact number of cancelled flights, but it was at least 50 as of yesterday. you can see folks checking in here this morning at the united area. most of the flights are on united airlines, but jetblue, virgin, u.s. airways and delta also are impacted this morning. we haven't been able to find anyone, frankly, this morning. talking to people out here whose flight has been cancelled, and aside from the cancellations to the six east coast cities, there are not a lot in terms of delays according to the airport operations center. anyone traveling to the east coast to those particular cities urged to talk to their airline before they head to the airport. this morning the airlines trying to make other avainments for those people. alex asvidge, ktvu channel 2 news. we'll continue to track sandy for you this morning. in three minutes we'll bring you a live report from new jersey where the center of that storm could hit. stay tuned for that. 5:07. back here at home, a
super foggy over the bridges this morning. be aware of that. you will hit a wall of fog. >> a lot of people wake up and turn on the tv, they aren't haven't looked outside. it is our job to let them know this is what they can expect. maybe you speed up your routine. i realize how hard it is in the morning to get ancora five minutes. i live -- an extra five minutes. i live life too. westbound 80, if you can add five minutes to your routine to deal with the fog. foggy in the bay area. the traffic is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no major problems here, but you can see some fog is creeping into this shot. if you're driving on the peninsula, the traffic is moving well. 280 right there is kind of frozen, so maybe we can go to our maps instead. i'll show you the traffic on the peninsula is moving along pretty well on 101, also looking at the on the freeway to san jose. 5:08. >> let's talk about sandy, which is getting stronger by the way.
dryer air came in on the back side of this, which kind of kept it in check for a while. but it took a while to merge with the colder jet stream over the great lakes. all that is changing and sandy is moving and interacting with the gulf stream. the water is 80. it's gone from 75 miles per hour on gusts to 85. the wind field is amazing tropical storm. almost 800 miles, hurricane strength is nearly 200. it is accelerating to the north-northwest, looks like somewhere in new jersey will be the prime target by tonight. this is continuing to strengthen. it is not weakening, there in lies the key, it's beginning to accelerate and it will just be a mess. i mean, the pressure for you who follow this 941milibars, 27.79, off the charts record wise. this will be a huge story for not only today but for weeks i think for weeks. for us, we have a little cooler pattern here because fog has come back. there is really thick fog. we'll also include that as we head toward wednesday and the giants' victory parade. it
looks mostly cloudy, upper 50s, 60s, we'll see an increase in clouds. halloween we're holding off on rain until thursday. near the coast there could be drizzle but overall wednesday night looks all right. 40s and 50s on the temperatures, a westerly breeze in place. high pressure losing it's grip, it will hold on a little today but temperatures over the weekend were warmer. dense fog advisory out as well. probably until 9:00. highs in the 60s and 70s, watch the upper 70s come down tomorrow and then we'll take that into wednesday and thursday. looks like rain on thursday and clearing out, it looks sunny and warmer for the weekend. thank you, steve. we are continuing to track the path of hurricane sandy. forecasters say the center of the storm could make landfall along the new jersey coast later today. reporter renee marsh is live in new jersey with a look at the conditions there. certainly very windy as we can see. good
morning, renee. >> reporter: good morning, pam. the wind has picked up this morning, there is rain, but what i really want to show you is the atlantic, it is really churning up this morning. you can see the surf has brought the waves, they are huge. of course the warning, stay away from these waters. >> sandy has already battered cities on the east coast with heavy rain, strong winds and pounding surf. pennsylvania governor tom corbitt warned that sandy is not a typical storm. >> this storm is moving slowly and bringing high vols of rain. essentially this is a hurricane wrapped in a nor'easter. >> the new york stock exchange suspended trading monday. broadway shows are dark and the subway system has stopped running. residents in some low lying areas have been asked to evacuate. new york mayor michael bloomberg urged residents to respond. >> i can't stress enough that this is for your own safety and that if you refuse to evacuate, you are not only putting
yourself at risk, but also the first responders who will have to assist you in an emergency. >> reporter: president obama has this advice for those living in the storm's path. >> you need to take this very seriously and follow the instructions of your state and local officials because they are going to be providing you with the best advice in terms of how to deal with this storm over the coming days. >> reporter: all right. welcoming back out here live, you're taking a look at the atlantic right now. again, churning up there and keep in mind this is just a preview of sandy because we expect the conditions will continue to deteriorate throughout the day, but she'll really make her grand appearance later this evening. again the impact will be huge, pam, we're talking about 50 million people impacted. back to you. >> oh boy, as you keep mentioning it will be huge, thank you renee. we have developing news
happening right now in san jose. we'll tell you where firefighters are fighting a big warehouse fire right now. and how hurricane sandy is impacting the presidential race. >> westbound 24 looks good here, driving between walnut creek and oakland. some parts of the commute are foggy. we'll give you the run down coming up. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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we have developing news from the south bay. firefighters are on the scene of a warehouse fire on almadine road in san jose. here's a new picture from the scene. the fire started before 4:00 this morning, it's got a third alarm, which means more firefighters and trucks are fighting that fire. we do know this is an empty warehouse, no reports of any injuries at this point. the dispatch center in vallejo is closed after a fire. the computer center console over heated and caught fire at 9:30 last night. the sprinkler system put out the fire and there were no injuries, but the dispatch center remains closed. no estimate yet of when it will be able to reopen. in the meantime, dispatchers in the chp sacramento and monterey offices are handling the 911 calls that normally come to the vallejo office. a man accused of several violent sexual assaults
continues trial today. fed rick doscher is on trial for beating and raping three women last year. police got a tip that led to his arrest. co-get life in prison if convicted. more jury deliberations in the trial of giselle. esteban. police say she killed her former friend in may of last year because she thought michelle ley was dating her exboyfriend. the lawyer says her client acted in the heat of passion and should be convicted of in volume tarly manslaughter, not murder. we received word from the white house this morning that hurricane sandy is prompting president obama to make a change in his schedule today. ktvu's scott mcfarland is in washington, d.c. with the impact the storm is having on the federal government as well as the president's schedule.
scott? >> reporter: let's begin with president obama returning from a campaign stop in florida this morning to washington, d.c. to oversee the response of the storm. the rain is moderate, the winds are moderate, this is a warm up for washington, d.c. by dinnertime 60-mile per hour gusts and torrential downpours. let me give you a live look at atlantic city, new jersey. the epicenter, is expected to go through southern new jersey, through atlantic city later today. for that reason, the wind gusts are going to hit new jersey, maryland, and virginia and dc. the u.s. government closed, congress shut down, the white house, as the president gears for response. here's what he said last evening. >> at this stage, everybody is confident that the staging process, the prepositioning of resources, commodities, equipment that will be needed to respond to the storm are in place. >> reporter: power crews from across the country called in to respond to what is expected to be millions of power outages
across the mid-atlantic and the northeast. here in dc, mass transportation, subways, trains shut down. the roads will likely be impassable by afternoon. it's a day to stay indoors in the nation's capital. scott mcfarland, ktvu channel two news. >> the stock market closed. that hasn't happened since 1985. a huge storm, we'll keep watching that. 5:19. sal is coming back, he'll help you get to where you need to go. >> highway 24, contra costa county, westbound 24 looks good and the fog is not as thick right here through lafayette between walnut creek and oakland should be decent. fog on the oakland side. at the bay bridge toll plaza, there is the fog, it may affect your visibility. we're hoping for change as the sun comes up. i'll let steve explain as it happens. the
morning is okay on 101 and 280. no major problems. if you're going to the palo alto area, southbound 101 looks good between there and mountain view. we have a dense fog advisory out until 8:00. it will be cooler today, but once we get rid of the fog, the temperature the sun will rise. lots of sunshine, but cooler today, with 60es and also 70s. a ridge of high pressure is losing it's grip, one system will be here not until probably very, very early on thursday or maybe late wednesday, but i think overall things look okay rainwise until thursday morning. we have a victory parade, maybe some drizzle, i don't think anybody cares on wednesday. they care about wednesday night for the trig or treaters, i think the rain holds off. there could be drizzle close to the coast, but overall the rain stays off until after midnight into thursday. 40s and 50s on the temperatures, a westerly
breeze, the component is there. high pressure, everything is kind of tough with everything on the east coast, it's like a rock or a bolder in a stream. everything backs up here. our pattern is slowly changing. fog, sunny, cooler, dense fog advisory until 8:00. some of that thick fog sticks around until 9:00. the nights are longer and the days are shorter. 60s and 70s, upper 70s, this is it for the upper 70s, cooler tuesday, 60s wednesday, rain makes it thursday morning. not a lot, sunny and warmer on the weekend. >> thank you, steve. time now is 5:21. this morning honda reports quarterly profits surged 36% compared to the same time last year. honda made $1 billion in profits as sales jumped 20%. the automaker made a strong recovery after last year's earthquake and tsunami, but honda lowered it's annual forecast, because of saw sales problem in china because of a
dispute. toyota says it will have a record year. nearly all the asian markets closed overnight. new zealand and taiwan were the biggest loser, australia had a gain but 110th of 1%. the shift is from growth in the u.s. to look warm global reports. the european markets opening with losses as well. our numbers, here's what happened yesterday, again the markets are closed today because of hurricane sandy. first time since 1985 the financial markets were closed. it could be closed tomorrow. that including electronic trading as well. they'll make that decision later today. we'll stay on top of that. 5:22. giants fans, you can imagine still celebrating the world series championship. how you can celebrate with the new world champs later this week when they come back home to san francisco. the new color changing candle from air wick,
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. world series tops our news. many giants' fans headed to the bars to watch the team win the world series. (cheers). >> this was the scene in north beach. following the game people ran out into the streets where fireworks were set off. many fans said it was worth the crowds to see their team win with fellow fans. >> we won, we did it, we did
it! we came back and just won, yes, yes, giants won!. the noise of cheering fans and honking horns filled north beach following the game. the city of san francisco preparing for a victory parade for the giants, this wednesday, halloween, like in 2010 the ticker tape parade will begin at the foot of market street at 11:00 a.m. to civic center plaza. time now is 5:26. let's check in with sal, a monday morning. i know you didn't get any sleep at all, but your eyes are open enough to -- >> i got a little bit. and i'm feeling pretty good. >> good. >> let's do this, dave. let's talk about the fog, which is going to be one of the stories that we're going to be hearing about this morning with the morning commute. northbound 280 not a lot of fog right here in san jose, but steve and i have been watching the fog. there is a fog advisory until 8:00 according to steve. we will watch that for you. traffic does look good as you
drive down, but you can barely see because of this fog, be careful out there. let's go to steve. >> we have a lot of fog, dense fog advisory until 8:00. some of that will hold on till nine, 9:30, a little cooler, a westerly breeze, not only thick inland fog, but coastal fog. the victory parade, forecasts and halloween, a monster, unbelievable storm in the east, dave. 5:27. hurricane sandy, steve is talking about it, just hours away from making landfall on the east coast. how they're preparing to protect millions of people there, how the storm is even affecting a bay area couple. giants' celebrations turn into riots, was the police department adequately prepared? we'll show you the damage. ñsxóxgñ
good morning to you, welcome back to a brand new day. this is ktvu morning news, monday october 29th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. it's 5:30. steve is helping us keep an eye on the monster storm back east. >> it will go down as historical, in many, many respects. we'll be talking about it for weeks. it is strengthening, believe me, it's just off the charts in every way, shape and form. >> we have a couple things going on, a victory parade coming up on wednesday, mostly cloudy, i think there will be a lot of low clouds, temperatures upper
50s, we have a dense fog advisory until 8:00. be careful out there. 60s and 70s. >> highway four looking good coming up to the willow pass, with no problems. the bay bridge toll plaza a little back up, but the fog will be the story. it's 5:30 let's go back to the desk. at 5:30 we're talking about the world series and the giants are world champions again in case you missed it. last night in detroit they won their second world series title in three years with an extra inning victory four to three sweeping the tigers. >> got him looking and the giants are won it all! >> the closer, surgery romo struck out cabrera ending the game in the tenth inning. marco scutaro had a single bringing in the go ahead run. >> i don't even know what to say
right now, it's a blessing from above. i have to thank god for this. always wanted an opportunity for the world series, now that we won it, i mean, i can't ask for anything better than this. >> you can't. >> this is the giants' second world championship in three years. the jay aren't are the first national league team to accomplish that since the cincinnati reds did it in the mid 1970s. a lot of sell racials, but unfortunately -- celebrations, but a big mess around san francisco following the celebrations. our reporter is near at&t park to unfortunately talk about incidents of vandalism and even some violence. >> reporter: hundreds converged on the ballpark marching down from market street where we understand that looters broke into the old navy store as well as the sports basement and made off with some goods. work here at third and bryant, these are the offices for wikipedia and
wired magazine, you can see the broken glass and champagne bottles from an angry mob. we spoke with a security guard who said he was assaulted when the 200 people showed up. >> it's supposed to be a celebration, it's not supposed to be a riot which is what is turned into. >> i was on the phone with the police the whole time, couldn't get 911 or the regular police number. i was on hold listening to recordings while they're breaking my windows. >> reporter: police sources tell ktvu that on duty officers were out numbered but the department was not prepared to handle the mayhem. rail service was shut down because of glass on the track, and it cut power on the overhead rail wires because people were jumping on top of the railcars and shooting off fireworks. the giants' win did start off as a celebration. >> (cheers) it is part of
history, it's something that we did in 2010 and doing it now. the fact that our generation gets to live this twice within the 2000s is crazy! >> reporter: in the marina district the crowd went wild on the winning pitch. people dancing and being in the streets on top of cars, carrying broom sticks, signifying the sweep detroit tigers. there is a lot of damage. two officers were also hurt by flying glass and the officers told us there was a stabbing and shooting a few blocks from the ballpark. we'll follow up with police on that one. cleanup crews are busy. back here live you can see they have a lot of work to do and we have no idea at this point how much the cleanup will cost san francisco. several people were arrested overnight in the mission district after some fans became too rowdy there. police in riot gear tried for several hours to
disperse the crowds. trash cans were burned right in the middle of the street. just before 1:00 this morning, police told fans they were participating in unlawful assembly and they were told to leave the area. now, things also got out of hand near seventh and market streets in san francisco. one of our photographers took this video of people jumping on top of a muni bus. you can see one person inside a little scared making a phone call there. then in the same area a viewer sent us this video of a car that was flipped over by some celebrating fans. now, we do have complete coverage of the world series all the excitement and aftermath. go to our website and click on the world series tab. now 5:35. hurricane sandy keeps barreling toward the east coast this morning. you heard steve, shutting down schools, mass transit even the financial markets. >> it is powerful, up to 50 million people could be
affected by this storm. it could be the largest storm ever to hit the united states. forecasters say the center of the storm should make landfall along the new jersey coast later today. it will be colliding with two other weather systems. that could cause a super storm and an 800-mile area from the east coast to the great lakes. if you plan to fly today, call ahead. check first before you head to the airport. thousands of flights have be been cancelled all over the country because of the hurricane. it's expected to have a ripple effect, as you can imagine. ktvu's alex savidge is at san francisco international airport where we're learning that all flights to six east coast cities have been cancelled. what else is going on, alex? >> reporter: well, hurricane sandy is causing some major headaches for travelers in the bay area who are trying to get back to the east coast. let me give you a look at the board here. you can see these flights at new york's jfk airport and
newark airport this morning cancelled due to weather as you can see right here. i got an update from the airport operations center a short time ago. i'm told all flights cancelled from sfo to six east coast cities. they include new york's jfk, newark, boston, philadelphia, washington, d.c. and baltimore. travelers may not get to those cities for a couple days. the airport operations center did not have exact numbers of flights, but at least 50 as of yesterday. most are on united airlines, but jetblue, virgin, u.s. airways and delta also impacted this morning. the airlines are booking people on to other flights as we speak and a short time ago we talked with one man from stockton who is trying to fly to new york to see family but his flight was cancelled. >> it's frustrating that all the phone calls, all that waiting, 13 hours once they called and cancelled. so that's why i had to come from stockton to talk to the airline because no one
really answered the phone. it took too long. so yeah, it's frustrating to drive out here to have to take care of it in person. >> reporter: that gentleman i talked with this morning told me it was possible that he may not be able to get to new york until thursday of this week. that is what he is being told by his airline. he was trying to fly on united this morning. you can see folks checking in for flights. these are folks who have checked ahead and know their flights have not been cancelled. that's a good idea. if you are planning to travel to new york, boston, philadelphia it's a good idea to call ahead to your airline to make sure your flight is still on time and will still be heading there. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. more than 100 members of california's air national guard are heading to the east coast to help with any rescue efforts. members of the 129th rescue wing will leave at 11:00 a.m.
from mountainview. the storm is more powerful than google. google cancelled the introduction of its latest nexus tablet and smart phones. the events was supposed to take place in new york city, but the area has been evacuated. we'll continue to track the path of hurricane sandy throughout the morning. you can also get updates any time anywhere pam, we're also talking about fog this morning. sal is, because it will affect your commute. >> it sure is. if you're trying to leave the house, i think an extra five or ten minutes might help you with the foggy commute. what happens is so we're looking at bay point, it's not all that foggy, but then you drive in other parts of the bay, especially any distance you will see it. steve has been warning us about the fog. he has some advisories he will share with you. but just as a driver, make sure that you don't use your high beams. use low beams or fog lamps. high beams just ends up reflecting the fog back at you. you don't want to do that.
reflective lights, the fog reflects the high beams back at your eye level there. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound. it is a little bit of a backup in some of the cash lanes. and the morning commute is moving along pretty well if you're driving on the nimits freeway, no major problems in san jose or the south bay. so far the traffic looks good on the peninsula and also on 101 so far. let's go to steve. thank you. sandy making its move. it's intensified in the last 12 hours. had a little check on the weekend, dry air came in on the back side and didn't merge with the colder jet on the great lakes, but now that it's moving, it's starting to interact with the gulf stream. the water is temperature is about 80 and it is accelerating northwest at 20 miles per hour. the wind is up to 85. the central pressure is 946 mill bars, or 27.79 inches of mercury, which is just record setting. this will be a big
story today, tomorrow, most of the week. it's making its move, tonight looks to be the impact. probably gusts to 90 miles per hour in new york city alone. we have a little bit of a break here from the rain until probably late wednesday or early thursday. the fog is thick, we have that, plus a dense fog advisory until 8:00. mostly sunny this afternoon, cooler, but that fog can be not only on the coast, highway 1 but north bay, east bay, concord, santa rosa, napa, fog. the parade looks okay, maybe a little drizzle, upper 50s, 60s, more low clouds than anything else. trick or treaters look ay, more likely the rain will come in thursday morning, mostly cloudy, could be drizzle on the coast. 40s and 50s, 45 at sonoma county airport. fog, cooler, dense fog advisory until 8:00. some of the fog will hang on till probably 9:00 seems to be the pattern. 70s for some,
60s on the coast. this will be the warmest day of the week. fog increasing tuesday, increasing clouds wednesday. looks like rain makes it here on thursday,. thank you, steve. 5:41 is the time. terrifying moments for a family in san jose. >> it went out and there is this big old flames, i'm like oh my god. >> the investigation into a house fire that left ten people now without a home. >> also some oakland police officers have taken an unusual interest in the private room. it's a story you'll see only on 2.
good morning, dense fog advisory, thick fog in land and on the coast. visibility lousy until 8:00, 9:00 and then sunny and cooler with 60s and 70s. welcome back, good morning
to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following at 5:44. giants' fans got rowdy celebrating last night's world series championship victory. several bon fires like that one were sent in the city. people were seen jumping over the flames. major traffic problems were caused by people trying to get around in the city. new details about a three-alarm warehouse fire in san jose. this one about 15 minutes ago. firefighters told ktvu the fire is contained, but it's not yet under control. the flames broke out about 4:00 this morning inside this vacant building on almadine road, the firefighters are worried about the stability of the building. hundreds of thousands have people have been evacuated as hurricane sandy barrels toward the east coast. thousands of flights are cancelled all over the country, including dozens of flights here in the bay area. wall street is shut down along
with the new york city subsystem. a growing scandal over the port of oakland's spending habits is spreading to a critical part of oakland police department. channel 2 news has found that oakland police officers freak a so called karaoke bar in the midtown section where one port of oakland executive spent public dollars on questionable expenses. the oakland police department could not answer questions about our findings, but the former sheriff charles plumber after looking at our surveillance video echoed the person we have from many law enforcement. >> you have something really stinky in there. >> two port of oakland executives were put on administrative leave after our report last week about the director of maritime's $4500 tab at a houston strip club. time is 5:46. california department of education has stripped 23 schools of an
important state ranking due to cheating and other misconduct in administering standardized testing. it happened during an api testing which is used to rank schools in the state. according to the los angeles times the violations range from failing to cover bulletin boards to coaching students with actual test questions or helping them correct errors. the global family elementary school in oakland was cited as having reference material on the wall during testing. in san jose ten people kneeled a new place to live after their home was destroyed by fire. it happened last night about 8:30 on murtha drive. it took firefighters more than 45 minutes to put the fire out. one firefighters was taken to the hospital for a minor injury, but no one inside the house was hurt. >> and i went to my neighbors and i said fire, fire, and i went to my other neighbors saying fire, fire, it was really scary we didn't know. we got
the water hose and started watering the yard. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. time now 5:47. are you feeling lucky today? a super lotto plus ticket worth $13 million was sold in san francisco. lottery officials say it was sold by the best food company, that's a produce company in san francisco's chinatown neighborhood. the winning numbers from saturday's drawing are 38, 36, 14, 5 and 47. the mega number was 18. oh boy, 5:48 is the time. sal is feeling lucky this morning, i'm sure. >> i would say so, pam and dave. good morning. >> not because of the lotto. >> good morning everybody. let's look at what we have now. the traffic is going to be affected by the fog as you drive through the bay area. not everywhere is foggy but you'll see it in some spots. in oakland it's not foggy right now. north and southbound 880 near the coliseum looking good. the morning drive is moving
well here at the bay bridge toll plaza except for people who pay cash here, there is a little line there. but for the rest of the people, it's not as big of a line. and this morning's commute is looking good on the peninsula as you drive here on 101 and mountain view, san mateo, not a bad drive. a change in our weather, a lot of fog, low clouds on the coast. thick fog on the coast and inland. once that burns off it will be sunny. it will be cooler today with just the magnitude of the system on the east coast, everything is going to slow down as you go downstream or back to the west coast. so we're holding off on any rain here until thursday morning, which makes sense. i mean that system there will just stop everything from moving for a while. dense fog, clear, cool. mostly sunny, cooler, highs in the 70s, some of that fog visibility is zero. so it will be thick until 8:30, 9:00. looks good for the victory parade. i think there will be an increase in low clouds, upper 50s, low 60s, overall i
think everything is okay. now there could be an increase in higher clouds wednesday night, but overall, again, i think we're dry, could be drizzle near the coast, maybe a really breezy but overall mostly cloudy. the rain looks like it comes in now thursday morning from 6:00 in the morning. 40s and 50s on temperatures, cool, foggy, sunny, cooler pattern. dense fog until 8:00, 8:30, a little cooler today, highs 60s and 70s, a few upper 70s. techs are sliding down after 80s over the weekends. incredible temperatures, but that's going to ends here. a little cooler tuesday, more low clouds and increasing clouds late wednesday. it will rain thursday, but a weakening system. clearing friday, sunny and article by the weekend. today microsoft will unveil it's new windows phone 8 software, it will power phones from nokia samsung and htc. industry analysts say this is a make or break moment for nokia
but because it has been losing ground in the phone market. it has tied most of its fortune to the new system. a new poll shows the demand for windows 8 for personal compute certificates low. 52% of the people polled said they had not heard of it 29% said they had little or no interest in buying a computer on windows 8. and 17% said they think it will be an improvement over currents microsoft operating systems. what's your middle name? what's your middle name? >> shooter he's an american spy. >> the cia thriller argo is number one at the box office despite selling less than 12 and a half million dollars in tickets. ben affleck's movie moved into the top spot after two weeks at second place. hotel transylvania was second, cloud atlas and parra normal activity were third and fourth. more violence and gunfire in san jose. where the bullets were flying just hours ago and
who the police think were behind the attacks. >> plus, how the panda's bat earned him more than one crown on the way to the world series championship.
good morning, we have thick fog. in fact dense fog advisory until 8:00. some of that may go until 9:00. sunny and cool
today with 60s and 70s. time is 5:54 a dream vacation on a disney cruise ship was a nightmare for passengers when they hit high surf churned up by hurricane sandy. merchandise fell off the shell he was in the gift shop. furniture flew across the room. disney is offering passengers a discounts on a future cruise for their trouble. police investigating two separate shooting that injured two people. a man in his early 20s was shot on 72nd avenue at 8:30 last night. the scene was covered in shell casings. the victim was shot multiple times. he was rushed to the hospital and is reportedly in critical condition. another man was critically wounded in a shooting on hillside street just before 5:00 last night and so far no word of any arrests. time is 5:55. san jose police investigating several shootings that happened within two hours. one man was shot and killed about 3:00 yesterday
morning at locust and humble street. three other people were shot and wounded in separate incidents a few hours earlier. now this increase in violence has some of the residents very worried. so far no arrests have been made but police think this was gang related. world series coverage fans from san francisco traveled nearly 2500 miles to see their giants win the world series. > >> all right. about one hongi ants' fans staying in the stands after last night's victory over the tigers. they cheered on each player as they went into the dugout. hunter pence even stopped and interacted with the fans. >> pablo sandoval was named most valuable player of the world
series. the panda had three home runs in one game, 24 hits in all this postseason. one short of tying the all time record. an incredible feeling this morning. time is 5:56. sal is back, he will help you get to where you need to go. >> just as steve and i have been telling you, it's foggy, leave yourself extra time this morning. let's go and take a look at interstate 280 in san jose. looks good here, not thick fog now. the traffic is moving well. on the peninsula, there is some fog. highway 101, san mateo, red wood city the traffic is still moving well though if you're trying to catch a flight at the airport, it's a nice drive. 5:57 let's go back to you. >> thank you. in our 6:00 hour, the huge storm expected to affect 50 million people on the east coast. it is getting closer this morning. where hurricane sandy is now, how the east coast is taking drastic action and how the presidential campaigns are affected into the world series celebrations
triggered some vandalism in san francisco. a live report on the damage still being cleaned up this morning on the streets of san francisco. >> weather wise all eyes on the east coast. we do have some subtle changes here. we'll talk about that and what could be a week of a lot of activity and the forecast for those as well.